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  • First Name: Cara
  • girlfullname: Cara Brett
  • Network Trailer Video: http://www.carabrett.com/assets/intro/intro.mp4
  • Network Status: Official Site
  • Network Trailer Image: http://www.carabrett.com/assets/intro/video_holder2014.jpg
  • Network Model BG: background-image: url(http://2013.carabrett.com/tour/images/bgcara.jpg
  • networklogopro: http://allaccess.stellarglamour.com/assets/networkimages/logo_profile_carabrett.png
  • twitterhandle: @caratest
  • siteurl: www.carabrett.com
  • profilestatus: 's Official Website
  • stellarvipnats: &girl=carabrett
  • Trailer Site Logo: Yes
  • carabrett
  • Cara,Brett
  • snap enable: disable
  • You know me from S66 TV, all the lads and top shelf mags. Now get access to my private premium Snapchat account with naughty content! Watch me behind the scenes of topless photoshoots and my day to day life!!. Get close ups of all your favorite body parts just for you and so much more....

    Lets have some fun
  • snapusername: carabrettxxx
  • snapfirstname: Cara
  • snapsurname: Brett
  • snaplayout: default
  • location: London
  • country: UK
  • snapjoinurl: http://join.carabrett.getmysnap.com/signup/signup.php?nats=MC4wLjY2Ljc4LjAuMC4wLjAuMA&step=2
  • snapjoin30cost: 37
  • snapnatsid: 66
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